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Hey ya'll new on the forum.

I got my bike without a right passenger foot rest and came up with this funny idea.
Before I elaborate, I need to tell you what's up. So I got my STR with an uninstalled passenger left foot rest.
My rider coach told me for my state if you had a rear seat, it better have hand strap and foot pegs or it will fail inspection.
So now I need know if any of you can help me procure one.

Or what if I make a Cowl out of duct tape? a Duct-tape Cowl?
Just tape up the pillion "seat" area to this triangle cowl shape thing.
Do you think it will pass? Aftermarket seat cowl are just some color matched plastic that doesn't do much except for
aesthetic and physical manifestation telling people they can't sit there..

Got any other ideas?
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