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Pics of mine..

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Very nice, great to able to put face to the name, lots of luck with your purchase.
Very nice mate but might I suggest the 1st image size is perfect but the 2nd image is massive and took ages to load even with broadband.

I'm sure you will enjoy you purchase.

you look like a happy camper :-D

Dont forget to take off those tags and flick the side stand up before you head home.

Grant :cool:
Nice mate!

yes Iceman and thefallenone are both right those biggish pics geta bit pesky! :razz:

But very nice bike buddy, enjoy it! and don't be wipped to death by those tickets, I wear extra thick gloves and full leathers to protect myself from my own tickets.

Folks are always saying I have tickets on me :???:

DaveM :cool:
Nice Scoot - MNS...

Hope you can get your hair in the wind ASAP - even with the Miniapple weather..

Did you buy it at Leo's?...MotoPrimo?..

So what mods are you contemplating initially.? Anything you'd care to divulge to us?

FWIW, I'm just down in Des Moines, Iowa...250 miles away..I get up to the 'twins' many times - good friend in Tom Roe at "Betty's Bikes 'N Buns" on Hennepin - many good friends up in the northland...perhaps we could get together for some
We also make an overnight trek to the Miniapple for the bike show in a few weeks...hook up?

In the past we hit "Brit's" pub near the convention center...grand place.!

Ping me off line at [email protected] let me know your plans..

Peace out..

Congrat's on the nice sled...
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Changed to clickable thumb

Mods are minor at first.

Master Cylinder (maybe 6 pots Have them already)



Rock Guard..

Sliders.. Probably R&G...

Custom Saddle... A bit low as is...

I actually prefer the 2005-2006 bars. Long arms...
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Very Good looking ride MNS, Im glad the truth is starting to bought the fastest color. That is why the trade mark name is not Quickblue, but.....QUICKSILVER :)
Ride safe and have fun.
Your dealer is to mount a 675 M/C, correct?
If they get it mounted could you post a pic showing how they routed the line from the banjo fitting?
I have one but the line wants to exit straight into the bar. Curious what they come up with.

Will you be using the pipe you reworked? What did it end up looking like inside?
I will probably be doing the brakes..

I was looking into having them do it..

The pipe is still apart waiting to be finished. I have been busy at work and the local weather is such that there is plenty of time before its time to ride.
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