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First off a few rules:

1. Only post pics of your bike here (nobody else's), and a quick run down of the mods you made.

2. You must have changed more than 3 major items jets, air filters, tires, mirrors etc don't count - examples would be wheels, seat, header pipes, paint etc.

3. Your mods should result in a significantly non-stock look

4. I reserve the right to delete any that I consider don't meet the standard above- currently I only know of a handful of bikes that would fit these requirements.

OK first off I will start with mine:

<UL><LI>Cutom rear fender / plate mount.<LI>Monster rear light<LI>Daytona indicators with clear lenses<LI>TBS solo seat<LI>TBS headers and TOR mufflers<LI>TBS rear subframe<LI>TBS rear shock<LI>Kawasaki ZRX1200R Wheels, front forks and front brake<LI>Trophy rear caliper, ZRX1200R rear rotor<LI>TBS rearsets with modified Daytona pegs, gearshift linkage converted to restore normal shift pattern.<LI>Daytona 600 horn<LI>Mecatwin airbox covers<LI>TBS centerstand<LI>Monza flip top fuel cap<LI>Flanders bars<LI>Speed 3 guages<LI>Daytona bar grips<LI>CRG billet mirrors<LI>TBS front mudguard - modified to fit ZRX forks<LI>GSXR750 radial brake master cylinder<LI>Kawasaki Zx7r clutch master cylinder<LI>Stock headlight mounts painted black<LI>Sprint steering damper<LI>TBS side covers and keylocked seat<LI>Kawasaki black adjustable levers<LI>Adventurer kneepads<LI>TBS kickstand<LI>Kawasaki ZRX1100 vacuum petcock (modified)

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My '98 Thunderbird Adventure Sport Speed Tourer

I have not had it out for a good photo shoot.
  • Speed Triple Gauges
  • Omar's Bikini Fairing (modified)
  • Custom made front turn signal mounting bracket
  • Eliminated rear turn signal stalks
  • Custom made headlight mounting tubes (fork tube covers)
    • Effectifely moves the headlight up about 1 1/4 inch in order to get the fairing to line up the way I wanted.
  • D&D exhaust from 2000 and newer TBS
    • Required custom mounting bracket
  • '02 TBird Rear Fender
    • I never liked that License light on the original fender.
  • '96 Adventurer headlight bucket
    • Allows more clearance for the speedo cable to stop the bouncing needle, necessary when moving the headlight upward
  • Thunderbird Tank Badges
  • And of course that wonderful paint job.
    • The paint was done by none other than our own Hinckley. O and if you want a paint job by him, you must let him ride your bike through a puddle of spilled oil on Happy Valley Road during a rainstorm first. ;)
  • Triumph accessory Cowl seat for usual riding.
  • Triumph accessory Passenger peg removal kit.
  • Rick Mayer Touring seat for long distance rides.
  • Ventura Rack System, Kinda Ugly, but very Functional.
  • Starcom Communications system
  • Permanant Dual Controller for Gerbings Heated Gear
More to come. Looks like some little improvements to the brakes are next since the original rotors are almost worn out.

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ZZR1200 wheels
ZZR1200 rear brake disc and sprocket
ZRX1200 front end with gold valves and racetech springs
ZRX1200 front brake discs with 6-pot Tokico calipers
ZRX1200 front brake M/C
ZZR1100 black clutch and brake levers
TBS rear shock
TBS rearsets
TBS solo seat
Trophy rear brake
Highway Hawk Bologna mirrors
Lucas handlebars
Meca Twin undertray and rear light
Custom made 3 into 1 exhaust with Supertrapp pipe

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Well, the older pics of the metamorphosis of my Legend are in my album.

Prior to the current strip down, I had:

TBS Complete front end.
Meriden UK Spec Bonneville handlebars.
Thunderbird Tank.
TBS faux air filters ( covers)
Meriden 'Trident' logo on sidepanel
Converted Campbell Raygun silencers on Tiger downpipes.
'69 BSA / Triumph alloy rear lamp.

Things are in big lumps at the moment, with a view to including.

Trophy air box, pistons & cams.
Daytona Igniter box.
Braced Legend rear sub-frame.
Trident swing arm
TBS Rear suspension unit.

I just love the modular T3s....They are a 'Build Yourself A Bike U Like' Kit!

Is this enough to qualify? :wink:

Nige :cool: :-D

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1999 Triumph Legend
<LI>Kawasaki ZX-12R USD front forks
<LI>Nissin 6-pot brake caliper
<LI>Ducati Monster front fender
<LI>Custom top triple clamp
<LI>Fatbar MX-style handlebar
<LI>'99 Tiger brake MC
<LI>Mapam billet mirrors
<LI>Aftermarket grips
<LI>Aftermarket headlight brackets
<LI>New horn / 'bell' cover removed
<LI>Smaller 'bullet' turn signals
<LI>Cat eye LED taillight
<LI>Home-made rear fender eliminator
<LI>Heated grips
<LI>Custom chopped T-bird Seat, re-covered by Sargent
<LI>Custom 3-1 exhaust (from eBay via Johnny C the Great Scot :cool: )
<LI>K&N pod filters
<LI>Factory Pro jets & needles
<LI>T509 cams

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2003 TBS
Not as extravagant as the others but just as COOL lookin'

For the guy on a budget:

Epco Stainless exhaust
TBS Single seat/cowl
Custom fender eliminator/plate holder
new signals front and rear
LED Brake light
Monza gas cap
modified stock mirrors to bar ends
Tank pads, knee and top
Fork protectors

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Thanks to MICK for this thread.
I'm very pleased to introduce KARMA STARLET PUMPKIN, my Cappuccino Racer:

Her DYNORUN gave 82,4HP (84 with opened mufflers).


- Custom tail and rear fender
- Custom seat on a CB400Four base (filled with MemoryFoam)
- LockHart Philips Fairing
- Raask/Tnk Hybrid footpegs
- Chrome mirrors
- Red-Blue instruments lights
- GIVI luggages adapter (underseat)
- Straightened handlebar with supergrip handles
- Fork hoses
- HyperPro (sweden) forksprings - 1 cm fork raising
- Hagon Monoshock
- Steel front brake hose
- GSX-7 Master Cylinder
- TBS Engine (6 Gears)
- Kehin CVK Carbs of TBS
- Heavy opened Airbox, 125 Main Jets, 42 pilots
- Supertrapp Mufflers

See My album for tech images

Tnkx, bye.

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Daytona Sport

Here is my TBS with Daytona forks, front fender, wheels, clutch and brake master cylinders and brake and clutch levers, also Progressive fork springs all adding up to an amazing difference in handing. Bagster seat, the best seat I've ever used. Predator exhaust, great sound, not too loud but a little deeper. Lots of other minor stuff like chopped rear fender, satin black tank, L.E.D. indicators and rear tail light. Stainless steel drag bars. Billet aluminium pegs. Scottoiler. National Cycle fly screen. GenMar risers and finally black mirrors from Sprint Manufacturing


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1998 Thunderbird Sport

Mods: Legend Slash Cut TORs, solo seat, fender delete, LED brake light, low-profile turn signals, Napoleon mirrors, black and silver tank with appropriate badge, black side covers, drilled airbox, rejetted ...

More pictures in my album:

P.S. Bike is for sale. PM for details.


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Mick, I would love to see a rear view of your bike to see how the new wheel looks. Any thoughts on a wider rim...210 or 230
Here you go!

Persoanlly I think you would have problems with anything much wider than a 180 - it would require moving the centerline of the wheels to the right and could upset the balance of the bike.

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Here's Bob.

I've been lurking as of late and haven't been on the forum much but here's some pics of my 97' Adventurer:

There's bolt on chrome but really the biggest changes were:

Wrapping the pipes

Putting on 70's shorty mufflers

Custom lift of front fender for Maxxis Classic White Walls.

Corbin Seat

Blue LED clock lights

Rear shock upgrade

And the big one...the one you either love or you hate: FORWARD CONTROLS!!!


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    • Installed fork gaitors.
    • Replaced fork oil with 20W to firm up front end.
    • Installed Hagon rear monoshock.
    • Installed Nissin 14mm clutch and front brake master cylinder with Harrison Mini-6 front caliper.
    • Installed Dakota Digital Speedo/Tach and fabricated powder-coated aluminum bracket and stainless steel instrument cup.
    • Removed headlight brackets/sleeves and fabricated new headlight brackets.
    • Installed Shindy steering damper.
    • Installed Laverda adjustable clubman bars.
    • Fabricated higher bar risers with 1.5” round aluminum stock.
    • Installed CRG bar end mirrors.
    • Installed frame sliders.
    • Raised fork tubes/lowered front end a half inch.
    • Installed modified Emgo fairing with mini stalk turnsignals.
    • Removed horn cover and relocated horn under tank. Replaced stock with Fiamm low tone.
    • Turned secondary airbox into tool storage.
    • Opened up airbox with 3 additional holes size of original hole (4x1.5” holes total) as per Jimmyj’s tuning doc. Installed K&N filter.
    • Rejetted. Installed Thunderbike chrome 3-into-1 exhaust. 40 pilots, 2 3/8th turns on mixture screws, 145 mains. Replaced jet needles with Dynojet kit needles, 2nd position from top. Replaced restricted carb rubbers with unrestricted (Mikuni carbs). Installed hotter range DPR7EIX-9 Iridium IX Spark Plugs.
    • Reshaped foam on stock seat and had Sargent cycle redo with café cowl back and install their Atomic Foam.
    • Fabricated new rear subframe/fender with catseye taillight and ministalk turnsignals.
    • Installed Raask rearsets and removed rear pegs.
    • Removed chainguard

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Here is mine. I hope it is worthy.

2001 Adventurer
Chrome lever kit
Chrome outrigger finishers
Chrome "Triumph" clutch cover
Chrome master cylinder cover
Chrome tachometer, speedometer covers
Chrome indicator light cover
Chrome chain guard
160/80 rear tire (instead of 150/80)
Off road mufflers
Bella Corse gaiters
TBS breather box
TBS fly screen
Triumph single seat (rear foot pegs removed)
Chopper rear fender, custom made polished bracket for rear fender
Sparto rear brake light
Square brushed turn signals, clear lense
GSG frame sliders
Napoleon mirrors
Monza gas cap
Center stand
Speed triple cams
K&N air filter
Rejetted carbs
Dyno 82hp at rear wheel


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Hacked airbox, 955 cams, FP needles & jets, FP ignition advance, S3 igniter, Thunderbike exhaust, Hagon rear shock w/remote adjuster, Race Tech progressive springs up front, Great Bay highway bar, Corbin Gunfighter seat (retrofited lock & latch), Kuryakyn pilot pegs, Ducati mirrors, generic heated grips, 12V power outlet, Triumph flyscreen, Chris products rear turn signals, run/turn/brake controller, modified factory fender, 200/55-17 Rear tire, 130/70-17 Front tire, 5.5" & 3.5" Custom rims and spokes from Buchanan Spoke & Rim, generic red LED accent lighting.....I think that's about it.

Future plans; 6 piston front caliper, wider front end, bigger front tire, modify thunderbike pipe, 955 pistons, Flatside carbs.....

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Here is my Legend TT 900, bot past 2000, and running over Spain and France.
Really I dislike to do transforms. I love the simplest of simple things.
However, some things have been added to this bike:
Wind shield and cover hands, because this area ( around Madrid, in the mountains ) is very windy all over the year. Also she bears a heating hands ( taken off in summer ). Central stand and porta luggage ( universal ), from Givi. On the other side, not seen in this photo, there is a handle solded to the chassis and the scottoiler.
Back direction lights have been changed to accommodate the cases.
Soon, I'll add a steering damper...

Best regards.
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