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Hey guys, this is my first post, can i get some general opinions from you?

Now i have researched previous threads so please don't screen tuneboy at me. Powercommander is the only option because I have the option to get a new one for extremely cheap.

I have an 06 and live in Denver. The only relevant mods are sprocket and Jardine Pipes. The bike runs pretty rich as it sits now, i will get it factory remapped for the mean time but what/how much can i expect to gain with the PCIII in high altitude and are there good maps for Jardine slip ons.

Also, any other upgrade suggestions are appreciated. I ride with a bunch of litre i-4's and they always pull away a little

thanks for your help

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welcome KC_Rider

I run a Tuneboy on my Triumph and PC3 on my TL so familair with both.

Power Commander amends the drive signal from the OEM map to the injectors. The OEM map will be modified by the barometric pressure sensor for your altitude situation. So installing a PC3 map commensurate with your pipe & intake considtions should be similar to that at sea level. The correction for altitiude will already be corrected in the base tuning from ECM.
I've had my Daytona at 10,000' and still pulls strong.
Ultimately a dyno tune will be the best investment.
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