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Patches? We need some stinking Patches!!

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So I was doing some surfing for patches to adorn my leather jock-et...and noticed that has a "club" patch...

and then I thought...Why don't we? Something we can all wear proudly on cruises/events? We must have someone that is either in the "market" to create such an item or knows someone? Maybe we could have a contest to create the patch? Submit your artwork...we all vote for a top three? And then have a contest vote for the #1 pick? Again...we must have some graphic designers, artist, stick figure pros willing to submit a design? I'm thinking about clicking on Paintbrush (Windows) right now to start mine just for the Hell of it! Just a thought...I know many local R.A.T. chapters have their own patches...but this club is GLOBAL!!

Any thoughts?
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No, I didnt get that with my 06, purchase.
Just goes to show how cheap and profit driven these companys have become. :evil:
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