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Patches? We need some stinking Patches!!

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So I was doing some surfing for patches to adorn my leather jock-et...and noticed that has a "club" patch...

and then I thought...Why don't we? Something we can all wear proudly on cruises/events? We must have someone that is either in the "market" to create such an item or knows someone? Maybe we could have a contest to create the patch? Submit your artwork...we all vote for a top three? And then have a contest vote for the #1 pick? Again...we must have some graphic designers, artist, stick figure pros willing to submit a design? I'm thinking about clicking on Paintbrush (Windows) right now to start mine just for the Hell of it! Just a thought...I know many local R.A.T. chapters have their own patches...but this club is GLOBAL!!

Any thoughts?
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On 2007-02-17 00:13, SoCalRocker wrote:
This guy has the goods:

Triumph, Rockers patches

Plus, he'll make custom ones, too:

"If you are looking for other Triumph or motorcycle patches, etc or you are interested in having your own designs made into custom patches for your bike club, event, etc email me at [email protected] Thank You"
I've got his Triumph Skull one. I like it a lot.

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