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How easy to paint a stripe on a painted fender? I want a red stripe with gold outline on my Scrambler front fender - to match the gas tank. Could I do the red with a rattle can and have someone do the gold outline?

I highly recommend against rattle can jobs.

First step, get yourself some decent tape. 3m makes a good painter's tape. Secondly, tape off the area you want to paint. Third, scuff up the area you want to paint. Fourth, you want to cover everything you dont want painted. Because of the small area I'd say a layer or 2 of news paper or brown paper bag should be good enough.

After all that preperation, you are going to spray with a paint gun, wet sand/buff, then clearcoat, buff again, then gaze lovingly at your creation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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