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2003 Triumph Bonneville T100
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A bit of experience to pass and advice sought if anyone has had the same issue.

I recently purchased Oxford Advanced Retro Hotgrips for my standard 2003 Bonneville T100 with standard bars.

The Oxford Advanced Retro Hotgrips are much too small, fitting a 22mm handlebar. So I returned them and ordered one of the very few heated grips which fit a 1" handlebar, the Oxford Heated Premium Hot Grips Cruiser.

Not only are these things verrry chunky (maybe going to be too thick but I'll make do for the sake of warm hands for Winter).

They come with chrome effect and black chrome effect plastic end caps which screw on to a thread. This can be hacksawn off, the booklet states, so you can refit your bat end weights.

There is an issue with fitting the throttle tube into the right hand side handlebar assembly.

When the cables are fitted and the throttle tube is within the killswitch / ignition assembly, the throttle tube is too thick and doesn't move freely.

I will be looking to cut a thin strip of sandpaper and sand the part of the throttle tube down that sits within.

Does anyone have any experience fitting these grips?

Has anyone downsized to a 22mm handlebar? What parts need changed?
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