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This was sent yesterday from my brother-in-law, Jim, who manages a restaurant in the Poconos Mtns. in PA. Too funny.


Subject: Funny....and true
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 22:04:32 -0500

I had a pretty good laugh at work today. Amanda P. told me an outrageous story that happened to one of her close friends a few weeks ago.

Her friend was asked to "dog-sit" for a couple in the city while they were away for the week. During this period, she came home to find the dog dead. She phoned the couple to let them know, and to ask what she should do with the dog corpse. All this being difficult enough for the girl, she is asked by the owners to take the dog to the "dog-morgue", so to speak, so they can do what they have to do when they get home.

The dog was small, but unable to just carry the dead dog onto the subway to get where she needed to go, she put the little dog in a suitcase. While on the train, a guy strikes up a conversation with her about what she is doing and where she's traveling to with a suitcase. Not wanting to tell the guy the truth about the dead dog, she makes up a story about buying this expensive stereo system for her parent’s anniversary, and needed a way to conceal it while on the train.

The guy seems very interested and keeps the conversation going. She is too far into the lie, as he is asking questions about the make and details of the stereo, so she is now completely making stuff up. As she gets off of the train, the guy knocks her over, and runs off with the suitcase.

This is true. Can you imagine? She had us in stitches in the kitchen this morning telling us about it.

Thought you guys would enjoy it.
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