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I had a sick day today and felt really bad. So I went to the video collection (I had already practically od'd on CNN).

I pulled out On Any Sunday. That film, more than any I guess I know of, can transport me back to the 1970s as soon as it starts. To almost the moment that I knew I would forever be in love motorcycles.

I love the way it is shot, the narration, the music is so cool and of course watching Steve, Mert, and Malcom go crazy and act like kids is just about the best. I'm 45 years old, and I'm curious whether that film has any significance to those of you in the forum who are younger. Has anyone not seen it?

Maybe its the fact that my brother-in-law is dying in the hospital as I write this (flat lined two weeks ago and revived too late to avoid brain damage), but watching that movie today triggered something that made me very sad. Something like Terminal nostalgia. A longing for simple times when forks were 30 mm and travel was measured in less than 5 inches. The smell of Bel-Ray or Castrol burning. And a new sport was being born. Man, the years are going by way too fast.

sorry for the rambling.

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(sorry to hear about your brother-in-law)


"on any sunday" is my all time good memory film. the way summers use to be.
- that and "endless summer" - filming some of the first surf footage throughout the globe).

go figure those two films are bruce brown films.
amazing works of recording and capture of culture.

those *were* the days..

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