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Last Sunday my girl and I were going to meet at a Grand Opening at a new motorcycle dealer.
She was riding my 05 Speed Triple with oldsquids pipes to get the free Dyno run.

We also purchased some gifts for her and a few friends a week earlier, Which got us some coupons for some drawings for prizes during the Grand opening... I was only interested in the Dyno run.

The reason I didn't ride my own Speed Triple

Well it turned out on that Sunday, I had the flu :puke:
No way could I make the the 100 mile trip to watch the Dyno run and hear oldsquid pipes at full scream for the first time. :gooff: ">

She use to have a 05 S3, and we go to the track a few times a year, I don't worry about her ability to ride my bike.

As the S3 was getting loaded up into the Dyno, She mentioned to a person next to her in the crowd about my situation at home, She wanted to call me and hold her cell phone up for me to hear my bike on the Dyno.

As I was listening to the Guttural Howl of the S3 headed for the red line, The crowd started cheering it up to the point of hardly being to able to hear the bike.

It was a warm fuzzy moment for me.

Why is she so lucky?

In the drawings...
first coupon won, 1pair of motorcycle gloves
second coupon won, full MX outfit, top and pants
Third coupon won, Shoei X-11 helmet
Fourth coupon won, 2007 race edition Hot Wheel Suzuki RM 65

I haven't seen the Dyno chart yet, She said it got 113 hp at the back wheel.
She said the guy who did the run said it would have prolly done better, But the chain was loose and started slapping at top end... Showed her a squiggly line at the top of the chart on the Dyno sheet.

She said she also got asked by several people in the sport bike crowd about Bob's Chain reaction moto pipes and where to get them, She really didn't know anything about them except... How to install them, I was useless with this spike sticking out of my hand.

I was able to paint the header and mid-pipe with VHT header paint... Thanx Limey.
She pretty much did the whole install and got a little pissy when I got in the way. :roll:

Its been 6 weeks since I've ridden... 2 weeks to go untill the pin gets pulled out of my hand. :clap:

Cannot wait to get back in the saddle :-D

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So youre saying she won ALL 4 of those items???? Lucky fawker!

You are a lucky dude having a girl like that.... seems very few guys get to experiance that! Thank god I've been one of the lucky ones..... all my girls love bikes and off road vehicles
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