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I have had my 06 Blue Sprint for nearly a month now and am very pleased with my purchase.
The last few bikes I have had were an Aprilia SVX 450 motard and a heavily modified K6 GSXR1000 that was dynoed at 186hp.
Both were great bikes but I just wanted a bike that was more versatile, to be able to ride with my wife on the back, to carry luggage and tour and also be a capable bike one up with my sportsbike mates.
I bought a sprint purely on the reviews that i had read without ever riding one, I was a bit apprehensive before I got it but I need not have been as the sprint is an amazing bike for the brief that I was looking for in a bike.
The bike had heaps of extras (tor exhaust, double bubble screen, fender eliminator, rear hugger, rack, remapped etc, oggies, brand new Michelin Road 2cts) and in my favourite colour blue which was a bonus!!!
I am more interested in the sports side of the bike rather than the touring side so my observations will be on emphasing the sports element in the sprint.

As soon as I can afford it I will be upgrading the suspension as the std suspension is way to soft, I have wound the preload on full front and rear and I can bottom out the front still by just pushing the bike and applying the brakes in the garage.
I have also experienced some wallowing in the faster corners as well.
Despite this the bike is still pretty solid and confidence inspiring in the corners
I have gathered a lot of info from this site and will initially go down the heavier fork oil route for the front and replace the rear spring with a heavier one for my weight and get the std shock revalved etc.
In my opinion the bike is way over geared and needs a tooth off the front sprocket to give it a bit more punch as I am continually cruising along thinking I am in top and I have 2 gears to go.
I will eventually get a speedo healer to fix the speedo accuracy after the gear change mod.
There is a lot of movement in the brake lever before it bites (I am not sure if this can be adjusted out) but I am getting used to it.

Apart from these issues (which can easily be improved/fixed) the bike is fantastic and I am sure I will have it for a long time as it is so flexible.
I am a bigger guy at 105kgs and I describe my sprint as a big guys (fat boys) sports bike.
As the new sportsbikes keep shrinking I am glad I have gone down the sprint route as the bike is so comfortable to ride and is easy to move around and hang off as well.
The Sprint is the best bike I have had in my garage!!!!
Now if I could only ride it without my wife wanting to come on the back:D:D:)

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Glad you like the bike.

On the brake situation a lot of people ( myself included) have switched out the front calipers w/ Hayabusa calipers, along w/ getting a 5/8 dia. master cylinder. The 06's came w/ 14mm.
I want to get a 14mm m/c and put it back on the bike, because I got the bigger m/c first then later did the haybus calipers. The brakes are strong w/ no free play in the lever before building pressure, but I lost some feel for what the brakes are doing. Kinda "wooden" is the only way of describing it. Want to find out if I can get some of the feel back.

I'm sure others here can tell you more than I can, but figured I'd tell you my thoughts on it.

Good luck.
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