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A couple of weeks ago my friend ask me to help him with an oil circuit problem he was having on his '97 Buell Lightning. Since we were discussing over the phone, I looked on-line for manual I could either look at or download to see the details of the oil system in the Buell engine.

I found the manual on a site called Manual Madness. I downloaded a zipped file that had each chapter as a pdf file and all linked together so that you could select a topic from the index and it would take you directly to that section. IT WAS A MISTAKE.

With that zip file was apparently what is now called "hostage ware". It is one of those bogus anti-virus scams that over time makes more and more problems until you cannot operate your computer. I had to take my computer to the company nerds and they ran a program on it that stripped out the offending software, which I could not find using normal methods. It did corrupt a few of my Windows operating files but my Sohpos anti-virus caught that and quarantined it after the nerds fixed my computer.

So, I would caution anyone that is looking for manual downloads to not download anything from Manual Madness.

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