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on Holiday???

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So is Devious on vacation or is he doing some Mad scientist work in the nether regions of his lab-or-atory? Seems like Cheap had mentioned waiting for him to do some work for him.......hmmmm.

Just curious, I've been following a couple of his projects closely and am having information withdrawals.

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hey milq, not quite so sure what's keeping him so busy right now, but I do know last week he was having connection problems. He also told me that his header deal wasn't look'n so good, because the deal he was work'n on fell thru. If any of ya know where to find a good deal on a 1050 header, let Devi know, he's still keep'n his eyes peeled. Other than that, not so sure, ask Hivel, he's the lucky bastard that lives so close! :-D
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