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Old can be cool

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This months Bike mag has put the 1994 S3 as the best 'Look & Sound Cool' bike.

Even got Steve McQueen riding a Green Mk2 S3 on the cover !

(OK so I dont know my Model Numbers !!!)

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I want to see it!

What mag?

And by the way- we're not old. We're just original.

What Mag?

And I prefer Classic, Thank you very much :)

Lets rephrase the original message..

This months UK Bike mag... called Bike.. about Bike :)

Sorry should have made it clearer...
I thought the model in the picture was a Mark 2 Speed Triple. The first was the T3 series (black, boxy and twin exhausts that used to feature in a one-off race series). The Mark 2 started with the T509 (mine is the same as the one in the McQueen photo), then the T595, the pre-02 955i, post-02 to 04 955i and the most recent model, the 05+ 1050.

Must get the mag just for the bragging rights of the cover picture !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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