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ok guys got a new question for you! got my ARD magneto.

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OK I'm not an electrician, how would i wire my head light and tail light now i have my magneto.i know i will need my alternator, but what the wire diagram look like. or how would i run the wires from what to what to what. if you now what i mean. sorry for the stupidity.
:-g :???:

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I know its an old post, but does anyone know with a magneto and sparx reg/rect how long it takes to warm up before it can power brake light and halogen head lamp?
Thx GP, any gain by adding a an additional capacitor?
.. should I also add a fuse in line between sparx and switch?
Thx again, one last question - do you suggest 20 amp or 15? for main circuit.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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