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ok guys got a new question for you! got my ARD magneto.

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OK I'm not an electrician, how would i wire my head light and tail light now i have my magneto.i know i will need my alternator, but what the wire diagram look like. or how would i run the wires from what to what to what. if you now what i mean. sorry for the stupidity.
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Wire everything except for the ignition components as per stock. At the igniton switch, remove the lead that feeds the ignition coils.....the white wire, if stock. The ignition has it's own power source (a teeny alternator under the "points" cover) and you just wire it like the instructions tell you. The alternator/battery system is separate, no interaction, with the magneto ignition components.
If it's a stock alternator, then single phase.
I like the HD units. You can usually get them used from a custom shop for cheap money, as take offs. Or you can buy one of the zoomy custom ones, chrome, etc....but any of the single phase (two alternator wires) boxes from a HD will work just fine. The least alternator output is from the early evo sportsters, and at 17A, no Lucas single phase alternator will challenge it. MAP also carries the Tympanium unit, much smaller item.
Any Sparx dealer. Yep, it's both a regulator and rectifier, so you have to extend the alternator wires up to it.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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