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oil,temp, hi beam bulb removal

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Hey guys I've read all the threads, I've got the tach speedo pods apart for bulb replacement on '98 TBS
for the tiny, idiot light bulbs in between the tach/speedo but can't figure out how to get the little %*#^ 's out..... Haynes Manual on order....would that really help? I've twisted and pulled the small rubber rings holding the wires with a pin nose plier.............but nada, any help appreciated, sorry for the lame request....the fly screen doesn't help either. I just removed ,cleaned, jets, carbs, airbox; geez.... I thought I could replace a couple of miniature bulbs.... for the lov a .............

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Just pull the rubber socket gently out back (wire side) use som WD40 og try to heat it a little (hairdryer or so)
Then replace the bulp. No magic ....

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