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Oil on Rear Wheel

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On the last couple of rides I have noticed oil streaks on the rear wheel (diff housing side) cleaned it up but back it came, the rides were at least 200miles. Is this the start of the famous rear bearing trouble. I will swing the bike by the dealership this weekend and let them check it out. (the bike was bought new June 2005 has 14000miles) :???:
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I would be concerned about the seal being compromised on the differential housing . I believe there was a recall of sorts on the differentials by Triumph. I thought that many or all of the bikes were to have had the differential units removed and the seals replaced. Someone else needs to chime in with more knowledge than me on the subject. I was told by my dealer that all 2005 's had the rear differentials repaired .
If it looks something like this it is probably too much grease on the gears in the wheel. Common when its hot out or ride alot, esp. after tire change or wheel removal. Should only last a little while.

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Did have the tyre replaced about 800miles ago. Will have the dealer check it out and let you know. :)
There is a spline set up in there that must be greased before reassembly. If they over greased it, it could be your problem. Also i think there is supposed to be a rather large o-ring there to help seal it. Tell Dink i said "HI". Find out if he is hiring any Rocket mechanics yet! I got experience! :razz:
I also have a 2005 Rocket . I wonder if the manufacturer has an easy access to which bikes have had the differentials repaired . I found some recall info on page 85 under "recall". I would rather see the unit replaced with a replacement unit rather have the dealer make the attempt.
Mine was doing that and my dealer replaced the final drive under warranty. There is a recall on the final drives on certain models.
Took the bike to the dealer he removed the rear wheel and checked for excess grease none to be found said keep an eye on it if it happens again he will replace the rear diff (under warranty) This bike coverd over 13000 miles without any streaks on the rear wheel riding in all conditions from 30degrees F TO 105 degrees F
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I have noticed the same occurring on my 2005 Rocket. I bought it new and never noticed anything until after the rear chunk recall. Mine too has 14000+ on it but I noticed it along time ago. Have had it to the dealer for service but nothing has been found wrong. :???:
You need a new final drive Scot. They replace the whole unit.
A 15 mintue job by the dealer under warranty. I would get him to order the unit.
I had some on my wheel along time ago. But was less splattered and more condensed than you are showing. Was my progressive shock on that side. Got all new pair under warranty. Never happened again.
Triumph is sending a new final drive unit. D&D Cycles should be able to install it sometime next week. :)
D&D Cycles (Pensacola FL) Called me today to tell me that the new rear diff was in, scheduled to have it installed this Friday. Gotta love that two year warranty. (would love a three year one even more.) :razz:
I agree, its a smart move to purchase an extended warranty.
That rear unit cost $1700.00 on a good day!
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