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Hi...I have a question about the rubber oil lines.

I'm getting real close to being done with the '72 and it's
time to replace the oil lines.

Can I use fuel injection hose or hydraulic lines as a safe
alternative to ordering them?

Thanks for any info.


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Aint gonna tell you what to do but I have a custom harley guy that buys fuel line from me for use as oil lines on the bikes he builds. he never has had a problem. when I worked for a Triumph dealer in the 70's we used fuel line as oil line. both Triumph and HD oil lines are not high pressues like the Jap bikes
Leastwise those are my opinions and observations.

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Thanks for the responses.

I'd sure hate to fry this motor over a few dollars worth
of rubber hoses.....ya know..? :-D

If everything goes right I should have some new pics
and maybe a video of me trying to kick this ol lady back
to life. I don't think I've herd her run since '73...I don't
even remember what it sounds like. It'll be fun..!!
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