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I agree with KLIFF. Get a Pure One PL14612. I have a PL14610 on my Bonneville right now & it is really too long. It hangs below the frame too much. It works okay but I just don't drop off of curbs & such. They are the 98% catch rate synthetic type.
Fram has some but I don't use them. They are PH6607, TG6607 that are short. Then PH7317, TG7317, HM7317 & XG7317 that are longer. The XG7317 might be a good filter. It is the synthetic media type. (TG is Tough Guard. HM is high mileage. XG is extra guard).
Also the Wal Mart Super Tech filters are suppose to be good too. There is the short ST6007 & the longer ST7317. They are synthetic media.
Google "motorcycle filters". There is a good article there too.
Now about your oil------
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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