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Is the oil filter on a late 955 engine (02-04) the same as the one on the earlier engines (99-01) & are they interchangable?

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Nicked this from another site for these models;

Speed Four 2002
Sprint RS 2000-2002
TT600 2000-2002
Bonneville 2001-2002
Daytona 955i 2000-2002
Speed Triple 1997-2002
Sprint ST 1999-2003
Tiger 200--2003

I use the Mobil M1-108 on my 01 ST.

Recommended filters.
All have superior filtering.

About 2.5 inches long;
Purolator Pure One PL14612
Mobil M1-108, made by Champion.
Bosch 3300, made by Champion.
Wal-Mart SuperTech ST6607, made by Champion.

About 3.25 inches long;
Purolator Pure One PL14610
Mobil 1 M1-110, made by Champion.
Bosch 3323, made By Champion.
WalMart SuperTech ST7317, made by Champion.

Automobile Filters;
about 2.5 inches long.
AC Delco PF1237
Baldwin B1400
Firestone TF2876
Hastings LF113
NAPA Gold 1365
Purolator L14612
STP S-02876
WalMart SuperTech ST6607
WIX 51365

Automobile Filters;
about 3.25 inches long.
AC Delco PF-2057
Auto Pro 2356
Autopride CF240AP
Baldwin B1402
Carquest 85356
Carquest Red B4620
Casite CF240
Castrol 7317
Champion Labs Ph2867
Defense Filters Dl7317
Deutsch D-370
Federated Filters LF240F
Fram Double Guard DG7317
Fram PH7317

Automobile Filters;
about 3.25 inches long.
Fram Tough Guard TG7317
Fram Xtra Guard XG7317
Group 7 V4610
Group 7 V4620
Hastings LF240
Mighty M4612
Millard ML-3593
Motorcraft Long Life FL-821
Napa FIL1356
Napa Gold 1356
Parts Plus PH2867
Pennzoil PZ-109
Penske 7317
Powerflo SL14610
Powerflo SL14620
Pro Gauge PGO-4620
Pro Tec 164
Promotive PH4610
Pronto PO3593A
Purolator L14610
Service Champ OF-4622
Shell SH48
Shell SH529
Stp S-02867.
Valvoline VO50
Warner PH2867
Wix 51356

Motorcycle Filters.
None are recommended.

AC Delco PF2135
Carquest 85358
AC Delco PF2135
Honda 15410-MCJ-000
K&N KN-204, Metric nut on end for easy removal.
NAPA Gold 1358
Purolator ML16817. Imported, not made by Purolator.
WIX 51358

The following is from here on this site for 02 & 05+ ST's (not sure why it was stated as 02 & 05+ but I'm guessing it would be good for anything 02 or newer).

Triumph Stock (2.5" Long) - T1210444
Bosch 3300 (Stock Length)
Bosch 3323 (3.25" Long)
HiFloFiltro : Old Part# HF191 / Updated Part# HF204
Honda spin-on filter - 1 5410 mm9-013 (Stock Length)
K&N Oil Filter - Old Part # KN-191 (Has 17mm hex nut on bottom -stock Length) / New Part # KN-204
Mobile M1-108 (Stock Length)
Mobile M1-110 (3.25" Long)
Purolator Pure-One - 14610 (3.25" Long)
Purolator Pure-One - 14612 (Stock Length)
Penske 7317 (Stock Length)
Ryco - Part # Z445 (Stock Length)
Ryco - Part # Z457 (86mm Length)
Valvoline V050 (85mm length)
Valvoline V054 (stock length)
WalMart SuperTech ST7317 (3.25" Long)

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I guess thats a no then. . . :(

I just happen to have one that i didn't use on my 1999 955 Daytona, so if i can use it on my 2005 RS, it'll save me buying another one.

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Maybe if you tried cross-referencing it as a 2004 RS you'd come up with better answers?

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