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As promised. Triumph does not make oil filters. They subcontract to Wix in Poland for their bikes.This filter is the same as what you buy at the dealership. Well not really this one is made here in the states. Oil preference is debatable. I like Mobil and since i change my oil every 5,000 miles vice the 10,000 miles recommended by the manual. I run 10W-40. Some run heavier oil and that is fine but Here in Oklahoma the weather can change. Saturday it never got above 35 today it is 68 degrees. Tomorrow it will be over 80 degrees.o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O OK here we go. Correct socket for oil change on the three plugs is 8 mm. I drain the sumps first and empty oil and return with a empty pan for the primary. Location of drain plugs depends on VIN. Now comes the good part. Crush washers i replace every third oil change. I just flip them over and reuse. Never had a issue. Rubber seal on primary drain plug i replace every third time A good torque wrench is a must have item. Harbor freight ain't going to get it. Tighten the drain bolts to 25 NM. Next step is to remove the oil filter. Spin the new one on a tighten to 10 NM Not 25 NM. As stated in the Manual. Rubber seal does not like 25 NM. You can crush it which will end up leaking not to mention it would be hard to get off next time. Now the fun part. Get a jack and get the bike level. Now add Five quarts of oil. OK now the fun part. Run the engine for about a minute. At Idle. Now you can top it off. Does it take 6 quarts? NO. A little under six quarts.Guess what your done have a beer and enjoy. (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)


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