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Hi All,

my first post - what a great site.

I have a 2012R, it's a track bike only, has been it's entire life - and I've spent many $$ on it in setup etc and it's an amazing bike. The suspension has been fully worked for my size/weight, plus many other little mods, power commander, dyno tunes etc so fair to say I love it.

My two questions are;

a) will the Ohlins NIX30 forks from my 2012 675R fit a standard 2015 Daytona 675?

I understand the diameter is the same (43mm) and travel in the later model 10mm more (120mm from 110) - so the forks should fits sans the travel difference, which perhaps can be adjusted in overall ride height by sliding the forks through the triple clamps.

b) will the Ohlins TTX36 shock from my 2012 675R fit a standard 2015 Daytona 675??

The travel is different from 133mm in the later model (130mm on the 2012). What about the clevis sizes and total shock lengths from pivot to pivot?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Best, Nathan

Ps; side note - why am I asking?

With only 9550 kms on the clock, (all track) my 2012 675R has dropped a conrod in the middle cylinder and the engine is basically throw away. :frown2: This is frustrating, as the oil has been top line 300v its whole life, I change it and filter every 500kms, and being a fitter & machinist I understand the importance of maintenance better than most, so fair to say I have looked after this bike mechanically 100%. Add to that I am a track day coach for one of the better companies here in Australia, I hope I can say I have the riding skill to state I haven't abused this bike with the throttle...0:)

Anyway - I have the opportunity to purchase a 2015 675 (standard) with only 2000kms on the clock. It's a repairable writeoff, so nothing stopping this becoming a fantastic trackie. Considering all the $$ I've spent on my suspension on the 2012 I'd love to transfer the boingers over to the 2015...

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