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I'm a total wrench newb here. I have searched through the forums for this information and I want to just check with you all to make sure I have it right.

I want to switch out my Bubs with the OEM exhaust. I just got back from my first 1200 mile ride from DC to Louisville, KY and back. The Bubs are sadly too loud for my tastes. The strongest ear plugs at even 75mph didn't help

I bought the bike used in February and it came with the Bubs on. So I have zero experience doing anything on a motorcycle.

I recently assembled headers and mufflers from Ebay...and I'm guessing I'm going to have to order the various fasteners from Bike Bandit or something.

So...if I'm reading everything right here, are the steps....

1) remove Bubs Headers and Mufflers

2) Apply Permatex Ultra Copper Sealant to the Header gaskets

3) Bolt on OEM Headers

4) Apply the sealant again to the inside of the OEM Muffler pipes

5) Bolt on Mufflers

6) Let the sealant set

7) Check the jets and find out what I'm actually running

8) pray it all works? I said. I think this is correct from what I have read. Any thoughts?

Thanks. Oh...and it's a 06 T100, I bought 07 Headers and 08 Mufflers.
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