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I'm a total wrench newb here. I have searched through the forums for this information and I want to just check with you all to make sure I have it right.

I want to switch out my Bubs with the OEM exhaust. I just got back from my first 1200 mile ride from DC to Louisville, KY and back. The Bubs are sadly too loud for my tastes. The strongest ear plugs at even 75mph didn't help

I bought the bike used in February and it came with the Bubs on. So I have zero experience doing anything on a motorcycle.

I recently assembled headers and mufflers from Ebay...and I'm guessing I'm going to have to order the various fasteners from Bike Bandit or something.

So...if I'm reading everything right here, are the steps....

1) remove Bubs Headers and Mufflers

2) Apply Permatex Ultra Copper Sealant to the Header gaskets

3) Bolt on OEM Headers

4) Apply the sealant again to the inside of the OEM Muffler pipes

5) Bolt on Mufflers

6) Let the sealant set

7) Check the jets and find out what I'm actually running

8) pray it all works? I said. I think this is correct from what I have read. Any thoughts?

Thanks. Oh...and it's a 06 T100, I bought 07 Headers and 08 Mufflers.

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Plan A

First thing you want to do is pick up a Haynes manual or the Triumph factory manual.
It is almost a necessity and will help you through just about any procedure you can think of.
Make sure you have a full set of metric tools.
Have a small torque wrench handy, torquing is mandatory for safety.
Get a lift if you can afford it, or, are able to crawl around on your knees and lay on a concrete floor for awhile. A small throw rug is nice for a bit of comfort.
A magnetic parts bowl is very handy to keep stray parts from migrating to the furthest corner of your garage and under something heavy, they will do that.
Just take it slow and easy and you'll soon graduate to the realm of pro wrenchers and enjoy the fun and save tons of bucks from having the dealers work on it.

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You're along the right lines - but definitely get a manual. Some points:

There are crushable copper gaskets that are used to seal the headers into the cylinder head, do not use the permatex in there. Get these from bikebandit or your dealer

Bolt the left hand header in place first (although it doesn't really matter which order).

To get the right hand header on, you will have to remove the rear brake pedal to get at the mounting bolt. Apply the permatex around the outside of the crossover pipe on the left hand header, install right hand header, tighten clamp on crossover pipe.

You can immediately mount the silencers - no need to wait for the crossover to cure.

Do you still have the airbox on? This is important in figuring out your jetting combination.

Have a good look through the manual before starting!
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