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Hey guys,
I recently replaced my header pipe. the old o2 sensor was absolutley secured in it so i went to buy a used oem sensor for the new pipe. upon installation, im getting a orange check engine light which i assume to be the computer not recognizing the new sensor and adjusting the fuel/air mapping. it’s caused a strange idle. I immediately turned it off so i could figure out what to do/what to check.should i let it idle for awhile to try and detect the new sensor? is there some tips or tricks anyone can share? is it just as simple as the sensor is broken because it was used? it was pulled off a parted out efi scrambler and appears to be the exact same sensor as my old one. I’m new to this stuff so any help is really appreciated

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the old o2 sensor was absolutley secured in it so ..........
I'd be using some kind of method to get my old one out and reuse.
I've only recently learned how important the sensors are.
And Flash Nick does mention that some are that there is logic to determine whether to run closed or open loop.

So... what did you do? What happened? Didja get it together?
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