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2:30 AM Thursday 09-27-18

Kathy and I are leaving for Mariposa, California, close to Yosemite.
to “Horizons Unlimited”, one of our favorite events.
Everyone comes, a lot of adventure bikes but DRZ400’s to Harley ultra-glides, it’s four days of camaraderie, no Attitudes or mines bigger, better than yours.

It’s all about sharing where you go and how you get there.
Four days of Seminars and learning ….. maybe a little Jack, & Beer in the evening for good measure.

I will be presenting three seminars, “The R.I.D.E”, about Bluetooth “The future of communications is here” About the SENA Mesh Technology, and “Video 101” how to produce videos for beginners

Lastly a talk called “the RKA story”, Kathy will be on stage with me for the first time and we will share all our 35 years of adventures.

It’s kind of a working little vacation.
We will take the BMWR1200RT & the little F800R setup out Sprinter and trailer with 30 feet of tent and have some fun.

See ya all when we get back.
If you just happen to be attending stop by and say hi.

Richard & Kathy
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