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The RKA August Newsletter is now up on line for your viewing.
Click on the link.
So the K1600 forum already knows us

and now RKA has just added five forums that we are sponsoring,

RKA has presented an introductory message to these new forums and then showed you what we can do with a few photos on these forums.

So how about an introductory deal! …. OK I guess we can include the K1600 riders also.

This deal will go from right now through end of day August 15th.
RKA August Gift Certificates!!! Never before done deal!!

These are not Gift Certificates you give to other people,
This is a gift for you to save some bucks!
No paper work to do …. All you need to do is call and say you want one of these deals

Gift Certificate 1 …. $25.00 OFF anything over $100.00!!
Gift Certificate 2 …. $50.00 OFF anything over $300.00!!



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