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Northern boy heading South.

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I'm off down to London in the morning with my youngest daughter to visit the eldest daughter. I've decided to fit in a few dealers to see what they have in the way of stuff we dont get up North.
Plan is for a visit to Ongar Motorcycles then on to North City and on the wat back to Jack Lilley and perhaps On Yer Triumph.
No doubt Alex (12yo) will be on my case.
Wish me luck.
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Nice one fella. Not sure I'd be keen to visit Ongar, but the North City crew are spot on. I bought my S3 from OYT and they were great too.

Best of luck. The traffic was truly horrendoud down there today.
We made it back home last night in the rain deluge that blighted the south yesterday.
We couldnt get hold of the people at Ongar so didnt venture off route. We did make it to North City just for a little while; 5 minutes before closing time so we could only have a quick look and chat.
Yesterday we called in at Jack Lilley's. We had more time so could have a browse. Its a shame but Rob but said we had missed a few S3 specials that had gone out over the holidays. I wanted to hear the Arrow system; never mind...
There was lots of goodies to look at. I looked the Rizomo master cylinder as the final solution to the spongey brakes. They look the biz and at £44 not too expensive however I decided against as I want my dealer to have another go at sorting the problem.
I couldnt go all that way and come away empty handed so I treated my baby to a new set of LSL rear sets. I really prefered the Gilles but sadley they dont do the 05s5. Thanks to Rob for making me feel very welcome and for giving me a long distance traveller / post stock take incentive to buy.
The Red 68 T-shirt cought my eye too so got one of them too.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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