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Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me out - this could be a simple fix but I’m amateur at fitting things to my bike.
I have a Triumph T100 black 2018 and I have purchased some Norman Hyde Ace bars as I love the cafe look. As I’ve mentioned in the title I have the triumph bar end peep mirrors which I want to fit on my new bars.
Issue is that when fitting the mirror to my new bars, the Allen bolt on the original triumph bars is too thick for my new bars.. I assume getting the black triumph bar end finishers would have the same size Allen bolt ?
I have attached some photos, if anyone can understand what I’m getting at and has a resolution for me.. would be muchappreciated!Thanks guys!
509DC234-B57E-4DEF-8ABF-5C1FC1693BE2.jpeg AB34825C-1C4A-4FC5-B99B-B289D87DC16F.jpeg AC335ADD-312F-4967-8FF6-0A1B0F71B12C.jpeg 4EA7557C-BDF2-4AE2-BE4A-777256D8AE9E.jpeg
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