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Long story short I rode the bike for about 10 years and eventually it just stopped running sometime after 30k miles. I wasn't able to figure out why but since I live in Boston I was barely riding anymore anyway. The engine turns over but it just does not start. Could be a simple fix. Maybe some rats ate the wires, who knows. The bike has a race fairing upper on it with the headlight hole cut out for street riding. The lower was unfortunately stolen or thrown away by someone else.

I also have a 2001 parts bike plus a ton of parts I bought off ebay back in the day.

Highlights of spare parts:
I have at least 2 sets of rear sets (including what's on the bike), probably 3. If I recall one pair is from a Daytona 600, another pair is from a Speed 4 (they're black) and I _think_ a TT600 set. I recall having some carbon fiber heel guards that fit the Daytona 600 ones.
Good condition smoke double bubble windshield as well as one with a crack but perfectly functional.
2 Front nose fairings. One has scrapes but no cracks. The other has a crack but is useable repairable.
A ton of fairing pieces with various damage. Was going to learn fiberglass repair but it just never happened.
Spare gas tank with one broken stud. Probably needs internal rust clean up.
A couple extra rear wheels.
A stock looking exhaust but it's black. Maybe off a Speed Four?
Bike had someone else's custom tune. I think the guy's name was Clutch on these forums. Will include a cheapo Chinese TuneECU Cable.
Fiber glass race tail
Fiber glass race tail with custom paint job and some sort of tail light integrated into it
A handful of extra oil filters, K&N, Supertech, maybe some other brands
An unused clear LED tail light that has some bad wiring.

I have no idea what to ask for all of this. I really don't want to list everything individually to sell on ebay or deal with shipping larger items. I guess I'll start at $1000 obo. I'm located in Boston, MA and I cannot deliver since the truck the parts are stored in not registered.

If you'd like to make me offers on some of the spare parts you can but I will not ship any fairing pieces due to the size. I am also not looking to part out the complete bike. I will take a picture of the complete bike and will take pictures of parts upon request. I have a pretty busy life so don't expect super fast shipping.


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