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On 2006-12-11 13:20, TattooedRedHead wrote:
On 2006-12-10 23:34, Vans wrote:
Not a big deal, imo. I would rather the chance to ride one when the van rolls into town than stare at one from the other side of a rope listening to some sales rep.
Obviously you've never been to a motorcycle show.

They dont rope off the bikes, all bikes are available to sit on and stand up off the kickstand.

The ONLY bikes that were roped off this year at the IMS show in Long Beach were the customs and the ooooooold bikes.


Heres proof, this is me on the new daytona 675 at the IMS show. Sadly it was the only triumph that socaltriumph brought to the show.
"Obviously" you haven't been going to the IMS shows long. Triumph, stress TRIUMPH, not socaltriumph, has a history of putting their latest and greatest up on a pedistal, where no one can touch it. First year Rocket, first year 1050 Sprint, first year 1050 Speed Triple, etc. Alot of us who were considering the 1050 Sprint when it first came out were alittle pissed when we wern't allowed near one at the IMS show.

I've been to all the St Louis, and one Chicago IMS. They're interesting, but something is lacking in the overall show. Maybe it's because I'm not trying to comparision sit a bunch of bikes every time. Or I would rather get a look at a bike without jockeying for position with a dozen plus other lookers. I'd like more vendors too.
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