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On 2006-12-10 22:21, GRN wrote:
Have to agree, kinda lame for a major manufacturer to not be there... wasn't aware of the history,
and therein lies your error... they are NOT a major manufacturer... 2005 numbers showed them with a .06% share of the global market, with around 11600 units sold... ( BMW has slightly larger market share with 12,500 sold in the same 05 period)

The two market leaders are Harley and Honda each having sold approx 250,000 units in that same 05 period.

Given TOA is selling almost everything they bring in... almost being as there always seem to be a few leftovers in the woodwork,, but I'd guess they are returns or dealer stock... who knows.... .. why spend BIG bucks, esp at the NY show, if they won;t gain any near term revenue....

... and given the amount of press they garner in the industry trade publications, it isn't like they need to get out there and prove anything to anyone....

when they get to the point where they have excess production capacity, they'll be in the shows...

I'd much rather see T put money into salving the communication/warranty/dealer situation, rather then see them blow it on a bunch of trade shows...
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