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I'm sure there's a bunch of you both male and female that live in this hell- Please copy and paste the letter below sign it and send off to the following-ASAP- Thanks for your help - [email protected]

Dear Chairman Barnes,

I had the opportunity to listen to the Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing on November 25th and the moving testimony that was offered in support of A3909. I am now writing to ask you to support alimony reform bill A3909, and to use your position as Chairman to put the legislation up for a vote in the lame duck session of the current Legislature.

Alimony reform is urgently needed. So many people are suffering now with alimony payments that consume so much of their earnings that they cannot have decent housing or a reasonable lifestyle. There are people missing their child's birthday because they were arrested for inability to pay alimony. There are other people having to work three jobs to pay their alimony. And perhaps worst of all there are people on the cusp of retirement who can't stop working because there is no hope that a judge will terminate their alimony obligations. Alimony simply cannot continue until death.

I also understand that from your position as Chairman of the committee you may be in a position to broker a reasonable compromise between alimony reform advocates and the opposition of the matrimonial bar. I understand that you have a job to do, but I also hope that you appreciate that until now the organized bar has refused to negotiate with alimony reform advocates. If the bar stalls this much needed reform by refusing to negotiate a compromise in good faith, the current abhorrent status quo that enriches the lawyers and enslaves the payers remains unchanged. I urge that if the matrimonial lawyers stonewall you move forward with a vote on A3909 with the amendments proposed by alimony reform advocates.

Alimony reform is too important. The lives of honest hardworking people is at stake. Please make alimony reform happen in this legislative session.

Sincerely Yours,
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