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Nice post Ratboy1050.

Thank you for taking the time to post your findings.:)

Regarding the wrist issue, the best advice is to;

a) check your gloves to not have a seem cutting off circulation (quite common actually)

b) try using your knees on the tank and your core (abs etc) to lift your weight more off your wrists.

c) you may need to have bar risers if you have wrist damage that is causing this.

I have experienced (a) with a pair of Dainese gloves I had once.
If you do not have a wrist injury (I have a bone floating in my rh wrist) or back injury, most wrist pain is easily avoided by using (b) from time to time so all your upper body weight is not on your wrists.

now that is like suspension set up.:p (Read personal)
ie I have a gel seat on my Sprint and love it.
I have the stock seat on my D 955 and like it too.

I am 5' 10" with short legs and long torso, I am also very broad shouldered (read brick), I am currently a tad over 230lbs and dropping (lost 4 kilos in last month). I am 49yo.

I also have two bad knees (trade and accidents) and one shoulder that has been very badly dislocated (read severe).

I have no problems with my knees on my '04 Sprint ST or my Daytona 955, but 1 hour caused knee lock up on my last bike of many years, a GSX R600.

I get a tingly (pins and needles) rh wrist on my Sprint on trips or longer rides which i fix on the fly by using (b) and flexing all my fingers rapidly and it fixes it as it is a circulation issue.
I also get that on the Daytona and releasing bar pressure on my rh temporarily fixes it.

Hope that helps Ratboy:)


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