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I own (for not much longer) an FJ1200 that I have had listed on CL for sale off and on for the past several weeks. I was contacted Monday by a gentleman that has a 2000 Sprint RS w/2800 miles that he wants to trade me for my FJ. I texted him back and said that I was drooling over the Sprint, but was not in a position to add money to the deal. He called back almost immediately and said that he didn't want money, just my bike for his! It is supposed to be in excellent condition. The reason he wants to get rid of it is because he is a BIG (6'4" 350lbs.) guy and riding it was extremely uncomfortable for him. I am riding down to Chillicothe in 12 hours to swap titles! I'm jazzed!

Hope it is as nice as advertised.

I will be posting back with pics once it is home.

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