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Hi there! My wife has the motorcycle itch and is looking at a 2000 TT600. we have a lot of motorcycle experience, unfortunately not much Triumph experience.

She is looking at a 2000 TT600 with 14000 miles that from the pictures appears to be in excellent shape.

Are there any first year fuel injection quirks? fixes?
What are the key things to know about this bike?
any known issues/concerns?
At what mileage do the valves need to be adjusted?
Are lowering links available for the bike?

Anyone looking to sell on near central NY :) ?


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The injection quirks exist, but putting the 2002 and later map in the bike and making sure the CO is adjusted and the throttle bodies are synchronized makes it the equal of any other injected bike of it's era. It's far better than some early injected RC51s and VFRs were, but for some reason, Triumph got the bad rap and Honda didn't. The injection was the same for all years of TT600s, with the exception of the map. 2000 bikes have no crossover pipe in the header and hotter cams than 2001s and are the way to go for power out of a TT600. Given my choice of years, I would take a 2000 for the black frame and the hot cams. For 2002 and later, there were some internal engine modifications which reduced pumping losses supposedly, but all I know is what the factory claimed to have done.

At 14K miles, it's barely broken in. They last forever with proper care. They last a long time with unholy beatings, too.

The clutch basket has some odd grooves machined into it, and it may make the chain clank when you take off, but it was the same with both the 2000 and the 2001 I owned. It's weird, but it's not a problem.

Another issue early on was the IAC valve, but most of those problems were taken care of early on. Some bikes had problems with the cush drive, but likewise, those were generally dealt with a long time ago. Both issues are pretty easy to fix if they crop up.

Parts can be a bit scarce, and the aftermarket never noticed TT600s much. Sharkskinz and a couple others made racing plastic for them, but there's very little in the way of performance parts for them. They don't need much upgrading anyway.

Valves should be checked at 12K miles and 18K miles if I remember right, but I doubt they will need adjustment.

Lowering links are around. I'm not sure how easy they are to get your hands on any more, but a number of people have had them in the past. You might be able to find one here somewhere.

I really enjoyed both TT600s and I would have kept the 2000 if I had a good place to keep it after I got the 675.
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