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2016 Triumph Tiger XCx Low
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Hi all, looking for some advice as a newbie to my own maintenance and troubleshooting.

I just purchased a tiger 800 XCx and it started the first time, parked it in my garage and since then I have not got it running.

I turn it on, everything lights up and it starts priming. BUT it won't stop priming, plus the Neutral light doesn't turn on, but some warning lights do. I can push in the handle bars and it will flicker on. Still doesn't stop the priming squealing and engine won't fire up with starter. Here is a link to see what I mean:
Video post of my problem

Any help or direction would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

(Oil, gas and traction control lights on in pic)

PS. I've tried in Neutral and 1st. Clutch in and stand up...still won't start :(
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