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I also took the new Tiger out for a test run from Bevan's (think I spoke to RGCH after the ride).
I have never tried the Tiger before (I own a Trophy 900) so I was looking forward to the ride.
Only worry I had before the test ride was the bike's height (I'm 5'8, short legs, long body!) but I managed to touch the floor ok(ish!).I did ask if the seat could be lowered....the answer is no :( but they are bringing out an aftermarket seat soon (no doubt big bucks!).
So here's my impression of the Tiger:
what a nice bike!! Handling was superb and the engine has lots of torque. Looking down to the instrument panel while riding, they are easy to read and well laid out. The mirrors being so close to your arms concerned me at first (compared to the Trophy mirrors) but I soon got used to them and they give a good view.
Loved the riding position and the seat. I could of ridden that bike all day. Just wondering what the pillion seating position is like? will it be as comfortable as the riders?
I took the bike up to 80 mph at one point and expected to be hit quite a bit by the wind but the only wind pressure I really felt was on my exposed legs and even that wasn't too bad. For my riding position (upper body), the screen kept the wind pressure off me (on the Trophy it hits my shoulders and head with the stock screen).
The bikes handling (the roads were wet that day) put a grin on my face that only dropped when I had to hand back the bike :(
I was told the old Tigers fuel tank wasn't metal but the new one has a metal tank (handy for that tank bag!).
Only negative point, the rear brake pedal is set quite low down (others noticed this too) so you would have to push your right foot well down to brake (I used the front brake 95% of the time). Not much room either for adjustment.
Would I buy one? the answer has to be yes but with a lowered seat. What's stopping me from buying one? the wife :(
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