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Just had an hour on the new Tiger and I can honestly say that it is a fabulous bike. Great engine is a given but it pulls from nowhere and will cruise at 110+ no problem with no hunting for 7th gear, add to that superb handling, road holding, gearbox, decent wind protection - no buffeting, though wind was directed to my chest - being 6'3". Decent instruments with trip computer, comfy seat (well fine for the 60 mins I had..) Negatives are all easily fixable (but should be there already IMHO..) - no centre stand, panniers, heated grips, rear rack, hand guards or fairing stowage though there is underseat stowage, enough for waterproofs . Didn't try the pillion seat but I never carry one though it'll be a consideration for many. Is it a real Tiger? not if what you want is a mock trially with a modicum of off road potential, but it does feel as familiar as the bike I rode to the showroom just a good bit better. So in my opinion it is; I just wish I could justify trading in my 05 but I still love it so I'll wait for a couple of years until they add the extras that I want. To those about to take delivery of one - you won't be disappointed - gits...
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