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Sounds like a great bike and congratulations on the new acquisition.

On 2006-12-01 09:47, RGCH wrote:
Well ive done it. Test road today allbeit only a 30 minute ride but was suitably impressed. Bevans of Cardiff have 2 in stock, black and yellow, the yellow is the test machine. Less than 100 miles on the clock so had to go easy and I am not technically knowledeable but here are my thoughts.
1 Loved the look of it.
2 The difference in weight was really noticeable
3 Engine suberb
4 Gearchange smooth. I kept waiting for the clunk to know id hit the gear, but it never came.
5 Steering vastly improved feel and feedback
6 Suspension felt a bit firmer.
7 Loved the riding position. Little change.
8 Feet were firmly planted so could tell it was slighly lower.
9 Mirrors good. No vibes and plenty of adjustment so could avoid shoulders.
10 Wind was hitting shoulders but no turbulence (5 foot 11")
11 This machine has no pretence for going off road. If ou want a trailie dont buy it.
Me. I have ordered an ABS model due March. So if anyone is looking for extras I will soon be selling MRA screen, blue flame exhaust, gel seat and lucifer top box. If anyone is looking to spend their Chrismas money in the New Year let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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