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Well I finally did it, after months of umming and arring, I've bitten the bullet and traded my 2002 955i in for a brand spanking new 1050 in Blazing orange, ABS, heated grips, centre stand, alarm, hand guards, now all I gotta do is wait for ten days, now thats the tough bit !

So whats top of the list of mods then people ?

Twin headlights
Engine bars
PIAA lights
TOR tune

Too many and so little time !

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Congrats on gettin a new Tigger ( jammy bar steward ) :) and in the best colour ( Blazing orange ) no idea what xtras you`ll need apart from a tank bag for yer camera !!

have fun !!


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Tger 1050 extras

Well that makes 2 of us.I was supposed to pick up my 1050 last thursday but it didnt arrive.I chose white as I have an 05 955i tiger and traded in an 08 s3 both in blazing orange. I went with white
Dealer was doing £800 of triumph accessories so I went a little mad on the acessories. I wemt with the following/
Heated grips.MRA Vario screen.Arrow can.Main Stand.KTM hand guards.Tank pad.auxillary socket and dust cover. Anyone got the GIVI protection bars.Best of luck with your new tiger!!



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Top 2 things to do:

1. Remove the shift linkage and put thread locker on the threads of the ball connections.

2. Before 6 months or 3000 miles (whichever comes first), drain the coolant, flush the system and put in new coolant. After that one shouldn't need to change coolant any more often than every 12000 miles or 2 years (whichever comes first).

Also: Learn how to put the alarm in "vacation mode" or you will have battery problems. Some with the alarm system say they MUST use a battery tender each night.

Most talked about mods:

1. Chain guard that has the last 3 inches that Triumph left off. Best buy, IMHO:

2. Front fender extender: Triumph P/N 1A9708051 Do NOT use the rivets to install this item. Instead use a good 2-part epoxy such as JBWeld to glue the fender (mudguard) extender to the fender.

3. Radiator & Oil cooler guards:

4. A windscreen that works for you. This can be a hard to find item and failures cost plenty. Do NOT spend any more money on Triumph screens. The Triumph touring screen, the Thunderbike double bubble screen, and the stock Triumph screen did NOT work for me. The Calsci +7 screen solved all my screen problems; however, remember that one screen does not fit all. The screens are a long distance from the rider and results are affected by one's riding position, height, posture, etc.; so what works for one may be a bad solution for another.

5. The most popular, by far, mod is silencers. When I purchased my '07 there were few aftermarket silencers available--now there are many. Just make sure that the one you purchase has the nuts welded to the inlet pipe for mounting the center-stand stop bracket. I believe most have started including this feature--but be sure and check with the vendor or manufacturer.

Something to keep in mind: Do not waste money on replacing the battery with the same P/N Yuasa battery. Replace with a Yuasa 14YTZ14S battery.

The twin headlight driver mod is the one mod I have done that I would not put back on the bike if they were to pay me--totally worthless, IMHO. First, adjust the headlights so they shine properly. Mine were way too low and to the wrong side of the road (probably the correct side for those countries that drive on the left side of the road). If you don't have enough light after adjustment, some go for HID, some use various manufacturer's driving lights. I prefer the Motolights because they have caliper mounting brackets.

Go to and you will find more threads on mods than you can absorb in a short time.

Happy, Safe Riding

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Congrats on the new bikes.

Top mods for me:

Center stand
R1150GS hand guards
H&B engine guards
SW-Motech racks with Givi luggage
OEM heated grips
OEM Accessory socket - I use this all the time
OEM GPS wiring whip
Helmet Guardian - locks mounted by the license plate
Ohlins rear shock

Of those, I think the auxillary lights are the most important. The projector beams on the 1050 are horrid for riding at night in any dark corners, and difficult to see during the day.

Mods I'd like to do:
Remus or Shark exhaust
Lower handlebar
Adjustable rearset rider pegs
Adjustable pillion pegs to make them lower
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