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Hello there Fellas
We would like to introduce our new Canyon TT wide wheel kit for the Thruxton in a OEM finish for only $1399!!!!!thruxton/cqwu

With a silver hub and Excel brushed and clear coated dimpled rim, stainless spokes and nipples, complete with offset Cush drive and sprocket system for perfect wheel alignment! Or available to match your Thruxton Ace SE finish a gloss black rim satin black hub and stainless steel spokes and nipples. This is a wide rear wheel kit to work in conjunction with your OEM front wheel.

Canyon Motorcycles TT wheels are the lightest custom spoke wheels available for your Thruxton. With precision billet hubs, a lightweight GP style Cush drive and rotor carriers, this wheel dramatically improves style, strength and handling over the heavy stock wheels while drastically reducing your weight in one of the most crucial areas for performance: unsprung mass! To complete the wheels, we put our TT hubs Cush drive and rotor carriers together with Excel alloy rims, stainless steel spokes and stainless steel nipples to create one of the best upgrades available for your Triumph Twin.

Our TT wide wheel kit comes with our own offset 19-tooth TT front sprocket and 43-tooth TT rear sprocket with an offset Cush drive allowing you to run your wide wheels with correct alignment, using from a 160 to a 180 rear tire. Our TT wide wheels are 30-50% lighter than the OEM wheels. This results in faster acceleration, better braking and increased handling.


**The wheels take all the stock size Triumph rotors.**

We also do this wheel as Stage 2 fully built with the ME880 tire mounted and balanced, ready to bolt directly on at home!

We ship anywhere in the lower 48 for $50


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Hello - is this the same as your Thruxton 40 Spoke Alloy Wheel Kit Stage1?
I'm looking at the 17/3.5 18/2.5 vs the 17/5.5 & 18/3.5 -- what is the difference in performance/ride/weight?
Is it better to stick with the stock size?
My riding is pretty much canyons, twisties, and commuting. No track.

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