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Finally got through installing a new tank on my 02 Bonnie. I was waiting for a set of heat shields.
Well, I removed the old tank (now used as a pice of art in my kitchen :) ) and I noticed that the fuel filter was really dirty and gunky. I happen to have a spare fuel petcock from previous owner, so I decided to install it in the new tank.

Tonite I went for a ride and the bike seems to run much better. Even after all the mods (airbox eliminated, open pipes, dynoed), it always felt a little lethargic, especially on take off and roll on in 4th and 5th gear. I thought it was the 790 character (prior bike was an 865 scrambler). However, now seems more responsive and stronger through the gears...
I wonder if it would be worthwhile to take her in for some further adjustments on the dyno..

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