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Hey all - the name's Chip, I'm 25 years old and have been riding for a little less than a year. Started with a Buell Blast that I got on the cheap and quickly realized it was both way too small for me (I'm 6'1") and underpowered for most of my riding situations. I commute 25 miles, about 20 of which are on the freeway, so I found the Blast too weak to really accelerate at all on the freeway or up hills.

So, recently, I started test riding some naked street bikes such as the StripleR, FZ09, and F800R, and instantly fell in love with the StripleR. Being the impatient person I am, I pulled the trigger on a black '14 yesterday :D

Put about 60 miles on it (gently, damn the break-in period!) already and trying to push through the break-in period as fast as possible. Once the sticker-shock wears off, I'm going to start on a few basic mods (on top of the seat cowl, flyscreen, and belly pan that are on their way thanks to the Triumph special going on right now):
- tail tidy
- single headlight mod - looking at motodemic, any others out there worth checking out?
- heated grips - it gets cold commuting 20+ highway miles here in the NW in the winter
- bar end mirrors - really the only complaint I have about the bike stock... what the flux is up with these awful mirrors?!
- frame sliders
- slimmer front turn signals - those suckers stick out quite a ways
- ??? suggest something!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to learning more about the bike and hopefully meeting some folks along the way!


PS: here she is bone stock right now next to that tiny little Blast (waiting on flyscreen/etc. to arrive)

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Welcome to the forum!

Portland, Oregon is the best city. I love Portland! I worked for a company based out of Bingen, Washington (across the gorge from Hood River) for four years and spent some good time there. I love that part of the country. I never did get to ride there. Man, those roads...

Introduce yourself and read the threads in the Street Triple forum. That is where you will find a lot of in formation and opinions about your motorcycle.

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