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New sparkplug effect on MPG (D12)

I bought my Daytona 1200SE three years ago with 828 miles on it. The manual says to change the plugs at 6,000 miles, but I replaced the original NGK DPR8EA plugs with NGK DPR8EA-9 last week at 4,517 miles.

From purchase my MPG (U.S. gal.) has been between 28-32 MPG - which is about what other owners seem to get on this site. Pretty poor. Since changing the plugs my average is 35.5 MGP. Before the low fuel light would come on at about 120 miles. Today it had not yet come on at 145 miles when I stopped for gas. No change in riding style or any other changes to the bike, and the gas was from the same station. I thought maybe I would see a slight improvement (1 MPG?), but not this big a difference. She starts better too. For those in Imperial gal. countries, the conversion is 1.20, that is 35.5 MPG U.S. X 1.2 = 42.6 MPG Imperial. Only changes made to the bike (done at purchase so this has no impact on my results) are a jet kit, K&N filter and debaffeling of the stock mufflers and replacing with fiberglass.

Anyone else have this kind of result when changng plugs? This seems really good for the D12.
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