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New purchase won't start -- Please help!

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Two days ago I purchased a 2005 Speed Triple with 1475 miles from an individual. It was 20 degrees when he trailered it to my apartment, where I promptly parked it in my living room. Yesterday afternoon it had warmed up to about 45 so I took it outside and it won't start. He had warned me that the battery was going, so I tried jumping it with my car for almost an hour with no luck. It turns over quickly but won't fire. I called him and he claims he ran it for about half an hour the day he brought it to me and assures me there are no problems with the bike.

My brother has a '99 Sprint and thinks it's either the fuses or fouled plugs. The guy that sold it to me thinks I flooded it. That's can't be possible with computer fuel injection right?

I'm seriously bummed to have this gorgeous bike that won't run. Please help. Thanks!! :???:
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check you kill switch ,and make sure you get the battery fully charged not just a jump start the computer needs at least 12.60 volts (If iam not mistaken)
Don't touch the throttle when you start. It takes a few seconds to fire up. If you do open the throttle during starting it WILL flood.
I can't believe you bought a bike without hear'n it run!?! :eek: :hammer: It's prolly not a major issue, but it is very possible to flood the thang. Very possible of some fouled plugs, but I agree with durty, 1st things 1st, check yer kill switch. :hammer: :-D
Sounds like it's probably flooded, if it's turning over it's not your kill switch, it wouldn't do anything then. Not likely to be fouled plugs yet either. Get a battery charger and charge up the battery, mines stilll the stock one and still kicking strong. Lay off the throttle and give it some time.
I didin't think it was possible to flood a fuel injected bike. If that's true, then it's completely flooded. I"m out of town for 3 days. Hopefully it will drain off by the time I get back. It's not the kill switch, because it turns over quickly. It should be getting plenty of voltage 'cuz I had my car running while jumping it, and my car has a V8. I bet that alternater puts out close to 14.5 volts. Y'all are right, I should have made sure it ran before buying it, but it's been so friggin cold in Denver, and the battery was dead the day I went to look at it. Thanks for all your replies!!
I'm sure it'll be something simple, if not I'd see if it's still under warranty. You'll probably have to pay for a warranty transfer but it'd be worth it.
silly question,but are you pulling the clutch in as you press the starter,
If it's turning over then the clutch is in (and the kill switch is off). Think an '05 still has a factory warranty.
My battery died after the bike was only seven months old. Triumph replaced it under warranty. If it is your battery and the bike's still under warranty, phone your dealer.
Battery advice :- in a cool climate you will need a trickle charger, I have an Optimate 3 charger (worth its weight in gold) which you can leave plugged in
24 hours a day 365 days a year not only does it keep the battery in optimal charge it also diagnoses and reverses sulfation ( this is what kills batteries especialy in cold climates).

Secondly your bikes electrickery is very delicate and should under no circumstances be jumped. Never ever ever as you say your cage might knock out 14 volts which may also knock out speedy's brain. :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

I have a 06 which is essentially the same as yours. It will flood easily if you touch the throttle when starting. When I start mine I just press the button without even touching throttle.

Once batteries have reached a state of total discharge multiple times they will either be totally fukkered or damaged. I would imagine you may need a new one but check with a volt meter that it is holding a charge.

Please look after speedy she is a reliable machine but give her a little TLC and she will give you the ride of your life. Just thinking about connecting her up to some old cage sends shivers down my spine.

Hope you get her up and running soon bro !

s :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
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Oh and just one other thing, battery and exhaust are excluded from the warranty/or have very limited warranty any replacement from a dealer now would be goodwill.

Goodluck !
I made the mistake of jumping my '78 Yamaha with a cage, and fried the voltage regulator. Another lesson learned. Hopefully that hasn't happened.
Make sure it's in neutral with the clutch pulled in and the sidestand down. It won't start in gear with the sidestand down...
Yea another denver boy. Where you located? Theres a couple of us here that are talking about getting together to go for a ride this summer. Well before i ask you to join us what color is it??? If its yeller you my feller if its black stay back. Just kidding and that was really lame. Any way my S3's battery has been having a hard time keeping a charge to. This weather is harsh on them.
I had exactly the same problem at almost the same mileage.

Changing all three spark plugs did the trick. It fired up immediately & has been running sweetly ever since. I think the OEM plugs died due to my twisting the grip, and thereby enriching the mixture.

Moral of the story: (and time for 'fessing up): Don't be impatient. Don't twist the grip on startup. Allow the engine to crank up for the 2 seconds or so before it fires up! The mixture will then be set as per the mapping.
As an aside I think the prime pulse in the stock map is set a bit too high. With both Wayne's 10088 tune and Dev's mod of it, the bike starts much better, and no chance of flooding if I do twist the throttle.
Fire Away.............
I can't wait to find out what it is. Hum. It possible, but if the batter has a completely dead cell then it may not run after you jumped it, but it shoal start and continue to run while the cables are attached.

I'm betting it is something simple, usually is. Word to the wise, start the bike before you give the guy your money. If it don't start, and you still want it, renegotiate.

At this point I would check your warranty start date and take it right to the dealer.
First try starting it, then pull the sparkplugs and look to see if they are wet, and just how wet they are. Also look to see how carboned up or rusty they are.

Report back.
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