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Just picked myself up a bargain from FleaBay - a brand spanking new muffler for $A88.80! I don't really need it so I hope one of you guys weren't the other bidder.

What I want to do is gut and rebuild my existing muffler in the hope of getting a better sound. If it fails then I have my replacement muffler ready to install. If it works then I'll put this new muffler up for sale in here at a cheap price.

I don't need more power, economy or anything else, just the sound. I don't want it too loud but a bit louder (or quieter) than stock is ok.

I've read through a few of the threads in here but do we have a favourite that achieves the great sound I'm looking for? You may ask "what sound is that?" All I can answer is that deep sound like a Ducati with Termi's.

Naturally I don't really expect to get that V-twin sound but the throatiness and depth would be nice.
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