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New Mexico

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How many Triumph riders hail from New Mexico, specifically Albuquerque? ( I can never spell that right) How is it out there? Nice riding weather? Give me the low down, thinking about a move out west.

cheers, jason
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I moved from Albuquerque to Knoxville a little over 5 years ago. I don't regret coming out here (this region is a riding paradise), but New Mexico is not bad. There are places in NM, many very close to Albuquerque, that are fantastic. The Jemez mountains are just North of town and are unbelievably scenic (not to mention the well groomed and curvy roads). The Turquoise Trail goes through the Sandia mountains all the way to Madrid and Santa Fe. This road is likewise gorgeous. South 14 from Tijeras to Mountainair is another great road that is very close to town.

Extend your range a bit and Taos, Durango, Silver City, Flagstaff, AZ, and a dozen other tantalizing locations are four hours or less from the Duke City. The weather is pretty good, too, though it gets windy sometimes. Rain is pretty rare and even the winters aren't so bad. The fabulous New Mexico food will warm you right up, after all. You could do a lot worse than Albuquerque from a motorcyclist's perspective.
Thanks sheepdog, I am actually considering knoxville as well, but dont know if I want that kind of heat and humidity, plus it gets pretty cold there as I have been told. I like it dry, and warm all year long, so I think NM is a good choice. I was thinking Arizona, but too hot and expensive.

cheers, jason
Chuckle...sorry, but the heat and humidity comment about Knoxville is sort've funny. I'm from New Orleans and this place is downright pleasant in my paradigm.
Jason, come on down the weather is fine. I live in the southern part of the state, this weekend was sunny and 70's. You will love NM, people are friendly, great food and cold Mexican beer. Lots of open desert country roads to open up your bike.

If you ever feel like a road trip down here PM me. Tacos and beer are on me.

Thanks Andy, the family and me are thinking about a trip out there soon. Kind of check things out before deciding on a cross country move. I got to get out of Wisconsin!!

cheers, jason
Hey :gooff: "> You can't leave WI! Well not at least until you find another person with a Thruxton for me to ride with. This winter stuff really makes me want to move as well but I'm stuck here for life.

This move is many moons away, school has to be finished for me and the wife, so no worries. That being said, I friggin hate winter!! Just going downstairs and looking at the thrux makes me want to shoot myself. I want to ride damnit!! I want to try out that new seat and see how uncomfortable it is. (hehe)

cheers, jason
And after further discussion, it looks like it will more than likely be a move to Tucson Arizona instead. Which is amusing seeing as though 10 years ago when my wife and I first started dating, we were going to move there. Funny how things come full circle.

So anyone from Arizona, Tucson area wanna chime in??

cheers, jason
I've been away from the boards for a while. Kind of a long, uninteresting story, but...

Tucson is my home town and I just moved back a few months ago. Pretty much year round riding weather here. I haven't had enough free time to get out for any extended rides yet, but this state has some amazing scenery. Not often I see a Triumph on the roads here. Drop me an email if you head out this way.
thanks elephant rider, I will do that. I have never been, but it seems like destiny to think about Tucson again. Plus they made three amigos there! Ever take your bike on gates pass?

cheers, jason
No, haven't taken the bike to gates pass yet. I've ridden to the top of Mt Lemmon and aside from a few short trips around town, thats about it. Mt Lemmon is a great ride as long as you can go during the week and aviod the 20mph cages.

I moved here a few months ago and have been spending ALL my free time remodeling. Which, by the way, is no where near as fun as HGTV makes it look! :evil:

Plan on hitting the highway soon and taking the scenic route to Flagsfaff to see a friend. Red Rock country is AWESOME.
I can not wait to make a trip out there, it sounds like the ideal spot for the family and I. My little boy wants to stop in "radiator springs" on the way!

Thats only funny if you have seen the movie "Cars" by the way.

I am really looking forward to moving west. I only hope there is a few more Triumph riders out there than here.

cheers, jason
Albuquerque is something like 7,000 ft above sea level. Pretty State and has awesome weather.

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have you do you guys ever ride through moriarty or about up to pecos its been a while but from what i can remember great roads and awesome views up in pecos...........
Hi Jason - I live in Bisbee, about an hour and a half southeast of Tucson. Lots of nice open roads, but not as many twistees down this way. We get a lot of daytrippers down from Tucson mostly on Harleys, but also the occasional Triumph.

In addition to Mt. Lemmon, the road up to Kitt Peak National Observatory is a nice road as well. Posted at 25, but I've never seen a cop on it, and very little traffic.

Tucson would HAVE to beat Milwaukee.


Mark G
Yeah Milwaukee is good as long as you dont mind flat, potholed, beat to *****, often loose gravel roads. Which I love on my motorcycle! And oh yeah, dont forget about the 6-7 months of winter, skipping spring and going right to hot and humid!

Enough ranting.

I look forward to visiting. I hope I can take my bike out there.

cheers, jason
"There's a New Mexico?"

-Homer J. Simpson
Homer................what a guy.
Hello, I'm from here in Albuquerque (thats how you spell it) and the weather is so-so right now - 50 degrees day, 30 degrees night. But we do get a long riding season, usually year round. It snows about 3 or 4 times a year and it usually melts by the next day or so. Summers are generally in the mid 90s and it doesn't rain that much so your wash job lasts for a while. There is plenty of mountain riding within an hour of the city. We got one HD dealer and one Triumph dealer and about two handfuls of Side-Show-Bob bike shops.
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